One Sweet Story



The Frango Legend





For over a century, Frango has been melting hearts in America—starting from the time it was first offered as a frozen dessert in the tea room in Seattle’s Frederick & Nelson department store.

Captivated by the taste, candymaker Ray C. Alden devoted himself to creating a chocolate inspired by the frozen confection. His secret recipe included, in part, cocoa beans sourced from the African Coast and South America, butter, and triple-distilled Oregon peppermint oil. After extensive—and enthusiastic—taste trials, the Frango mint chocolate was born. Far ahead of its time as an artisanal chocolate, it quickly became a proud Northwest tradition.

Frango Heads East





At the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929, Chicago-based Marshall Field & Company purchased Frederick & Nelson and its beloved Frango recipes. Frederick & Nelson chocolatiers were quickly dispatched to the Windy City to teach Marshall Field’s staff how to prepare the iconic Frango Mint—expanding the appetite for this delicious, unique treat.

Marshall Field’s soon began producing a distinctly similar Chicago version of the original recipe in its own soon-to-be-famous candy kitchen.

Just as they had in the Northwest, Frango melted the hearts of all Midwesterners who tasted them. Frango soon became a treasured Chicago tradition, a reminder of a wondrous Marshall Field’s experience or a sweet gift for friends and family. At a very difficult time in America’s history, Frango proved to be exactly what was needed to lift spirits.

The Love Of Frango Grows...

The Dawn Of A New Era

In the 1940s, as Frederick & Nelson and Marshall Field’s expanded across the country, countless new fans discovered—and fell deeply in love with—the exclusive Frango chocolates. Imaginative window displays, featuring heaps of iconic Frango boxes, became a beloved holiday tradition for families. Holiday shoppers gleefully shared their delicious discovery with family and friends far and wide.

Over the years, new chocolate recipes joined the Frango family to meet shifting tastes and growing demand. Beloved by millions for nearly a century, Frango is a one-of-a-kind treat to commemorate any occasion, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

The Love Of Frango Continues...


Similar yet uniquely different, both Frango recipes preserve the passion, tradition, and rich heritage of Frango for generations to come. All Frango recipes remain closely guarded secrets—and each chocolate is lovingly and meticulously crafted.

Ahead of its time as a premium chocolate, Frango continues to occupy a treasured place as one of America’s best-loved confections.

But This Is Just The Beginning...

Moments Enriched With Frango

Frango’s future is bright. While we’ll always preserve its cherished traditions, we also look forward to thoughtfully creating chocolatier-inspired and uniquely delicious recipes to broaden Frango’s rich heritage.

As the beloved Frango brand celebrates its centennial anniversary, we’re searching to uncover lost chapters in Frango’s past. Stories and recipes inspire future chocolates that will join the treasured Frango family. Will you help us preserve this history as we continue the Frango legacy?